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Click in the cell or cells
in which you want to
apply the format.
You can also click and
drag to select a range
of cells you want to
l The cell or cell range instantly takes on
the formatting of the cell.
Did You Know?
You can only apply a format once if you click the
Format Painter tool. If you want to copy a format
more than once, applying one format to several
nonadjacent cells, double-click the tool instead of
single-clicking it in Step 2.
Did You Know?
You can use the Format Painter to transfer properties
from one image, such as clip art, to another image.
The properties you transfer include background color,
text flow around the image, and so on. Click the
formatted graphic, click the Format Painter button,
and then click the graphic you want to format.
Chapter 7: Present Worksheets
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