Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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l Excel applies the effect.
Click and drag to the
left to select your text.
You can also press
Click Quick Styles.
A menu of choices
Click the style you want
to apply.
Click outside your text box.
Excel applies your formats.
Note: As you roll your cursor over your text
box, a four-sided arrow appears. When you
see the four-sided arrow, click and drag to
reposition your text.
Did You Know?
You can format a text box as columns. Use the
launcher on the Format tab in the Shape Styles group
to open the Format Shapes dialog box. Click Text Box.
The Text Box Pane appears. Click the Columns button.
The Columns dialog box appears. In the Number
field, enter the number of columns you want. In the
Spacing field, enter the amount of space you want to
create between each column.
Did You Know?
You can use WordArt to create a text graphic. Click
the Insert tab. Click WordArt. A list of options appears.
Click the text style you want. A text box appears with
text. Type your text. You can modify the WordArt text
just as you would any other text box.
Chapter 7: Present Worksheets
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