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Click the Error Alert tab.
Click here and select a
Choose Stop if you want
to stop the entry of
invalid data.
Choose Warning if you
want to display a
warning to the user, but
not prevent entry.
Choose Information
to provide information
to the user.
Type a title.
Type an error message.
Click OK.
Excel creates the data entry rule.
l When you click in the cell, Excel displays
your input message.
l When you enter invalid data, Excel
displays your error alert.
After you create your data entry
rules, use the steps outlined in
Task #1 under Paste Your
Validation List to place your data
entry rules in the cells in which
you want them.
Did You Know?
If you use cells to specify your
validation criteria in Step 7,
you can change the criteria as
needed without changing the
validation rule.
Did You Know?
When you make an incorrect entry,
the Stop Error Alert style displays
the error message you entered
and prevents you from making an
entry that does not meet your
criteria. The Warning Alert style
and the Information Alert style
allow you to enter data that does
not meet your criteria.
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