Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
l A blank worksheet
l All of the Microsoft
Excel commands are
available to you.
Create your worksheet.
Click outside the
worksheet when you
l Excel adds the worksheet to your
PowerPoint presentation.
Did You Know?
When you create a new Excel chart in PowerPoint,
you see a fake data set and associated chart.
Change the data and replace it with your own,
either by typing new data or by copying and pasting
data from an existing Excel worksheet. You can use
the new or copied data as the basis for a chart that
you can modify as you would any chart. For more
information on creating charts, see Chapter 6.
Did You Know?
You can embed an existing worksheet. Click Create
from File ( changes to ) in Step 4 of the
example. The dialog box changes and prompts you
to type a file name or to click Browse to select a
workbook to embed.
Chapter 9: Extend Excel
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