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into Excel
If you are importing a delimited file, you tell Excel
the type of delimiters the file uses. You can specify
more than one delimiter. Some delimited file formats
surround text data with a text qualifier, such as
single or double quotes. The Text Import Wizard
has a Text Qualifier field. You can use it to specify
whether your data has a text qualifier, and if so,
what that qualifier is.
After you define the layout of your data, you must
define the data type contained in each column. You
have three options: general, text, and date. General
converts numeric data to numbers, dates to dates,
and everything else to text. If you have numeric data
that is text, use the text option to have Excel convert
the data to text. If you have dates, click the date
option and specify the format you want to use.
If there is a column you do not want to import, click
the Do Not Import Column option.
Click the column head.
Click to select a data type or to
skip column (
changes to
Repeat Steps 12 and 13 as
Click Finish.
The Import Data dialog box
Click to select where you want to
put your data (
changes to
Choose from Existing Worksheet
or New Worksheet.
Click the cell address or type a
range if you selected Existing
Click OK.
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