Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Import Data
dialog box appears.
Click to select
how you want to
view your data
( changes to ).
Choose from Table,
PivotTable Report,
or PivotChart and
PivotTable Report.
Click to select where you want to place
your data ( changes to ).
Choose from Existing Worksheet or New
Click the cell address or type the cell
range if you selected Existing Worksheet.
Click OK.
Your Access data appears in Excel.
Did You Know?
Filtering data improves performance when you
work with large databases. Using Microsoft Query
can speed up performance. If you work with large
databases and want to apply numerous filters and
sort orders, MS Query is worth learning.
Did You Know?
On the Finish page of the Query Wizard, if you
click View Data or Edit Query in Microsoft Query
( changes to ) and then click Finish, Excel
provides a sophisticated interface you can use to
edit your query. Click Help on the Microsoft Query
menu to learn how to use this function.
Chapter 9: Extend Excel
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