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Import an Excel worksheet
Each record in an Access database must be unique. A
primary key field is a field, such as a record number,
that you use to ensure that a record is unique. You
can have Access create primary key field values or
you can create your own. For example, if no two
employees in your company have the same employee
number, you can use employee number as a primary
key field. You keep Access data in multiple tables.
You use key fields to link tables together.
You can import into Access any single page of a
workbook or a named range. Use the Import
Spreadsheet Wizard to import Excel data. The wizard
enables you to set several field options during the
import process. You can change field names and data
types or you can choose not to import a field.
You can index a field during the import process.
An index speeds up the retrieval of information in
Access. You should always index primary key fields.
Select the Yes (No Duplicates) Option in the Indexed
field. This option ensures that each primary key field
entry is unique.
The next page of the Import
Spreadsheet Wizard appears.
Click to select a primary key
option (
changes to
If you choose to set your own
primary key, click here and select
a field.
Click Next.
The next page of the Import
Spreadsheet Wizard appears.
Type a name for your table.
Click Finish.
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