Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Add-Ins dialog
box appears and
provides access to
several options.
Click to select an add-in
changes to
Click OK.
8 Click the Data tab.
l Excel places the Data Analysis Toolpak on
the Data tab.
l Excel places many other add-ins on the
Add-Ins tab.
Remove It!
Removing an add-in is easy. Click the Office
button, click Excel Options, click Add-ins, click the
add-in you want to remove, and then click Go.
The Add-Ins dialog box appears. Click to deselect
the add-in you want to remove ( changes
to ) and then click OK. Excel removes the
Did You Know?
To learn about special-purpose Excel add-ins in
your field, you can perform a Google search by
going to Your search terms
should include Excel, the field of knowledge — for
example, chemistry — and other information you
might have, such as vendor name. Third-party
vendors are responsible for supporting their own
Chapter 10: Customize Excel
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