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l The Custom Lists dialog
box appears.
l The range you selected in
Step 1 appears here.
You can click and drag or
type the range in the
Import list from cells field.
l Alternatively, you can
type your list here and
then click Add.
Click Import.
l Your list appears as a custom list.
Click OK.
Your list is ready to use.
Did You Know?
To create an AutoFill using your custom list, type the
first item in your list. Click and drag the fill handle
located in the lower-right corner of the cell. Excel
fills the cells with your custom list. If Excel does not
fill the cells with your custom list, click the AutoFill
Options button (
Did You Know?
To sort using the custom list you created, click and
drag to select the items you want to sort. Click the
Data tab and then click Sort in the Sort & Filter
Group. The Sort dialog box appears. In the Order
field, click Custom List. The Custom List dialog box
appears. Click your list and then click OK. For
detailed instructions, see Chapter 4.
) that appears and then click
Fill Series (
changes to
Chapter 1: Boost Your Efficiency
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