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Copy, Format, and More
If you have used Word, you know that copying
text for use in another document or application
enables you to reuse material and minimize
retyping and errors. Basic copying in Excel is
similar: Select the value and then click the Copy
button in the Ribbon. In the new location, click
in the cell where you want to place the value
and then click Paste. But copying can be both
more involved and more powerful in Excel
because so many elements can occupy a cell:
values, functions, formulas, formats, styles, and
more. You can copy any of these elements
between cells, worksheets, workbooks, and
even applications. You can copy one value at a
time, such as a specific number or specific bit of
text, or many consecutively arranged values at
the same time, such as a range.
Excel makes use of the copy features built into
Windows as well as those built into Office
2007. You can store as many as 24 different
items on the Office Clipboard for pasting into
Excel and other Office applications.
In this chapter, you learn to use the Office
Clipboard. You also learn to transpose a row
into a column, to copy styles from one
worksheet to another, to copy formulas from
one cell to another, to change text to numbers,
and much more. If you share your workbooks
with others, you may want to use the tip on
keeping track of the changes.
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