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Copy with the
With Office 2007, you can place content into a
storage area called the Clipboard and paste the
content into Excel or another Office application. Cut
and copied content stays on the Clipboard until you
close all Office applications. The Office clipboard can
store up to 24 cut or copied items. All the items on
the Clipboard are available for you to paste to a new
location in Excel or in another Office document.
The Clipboard is not visible until you access it. In
Excel, access the Clipboard by clicking the launcher
in the Clipboard group of the Home tab. You can use
the Clipboard to store a range of cells. The Office
Clipboard pastes the entire range, including all the
values, but any formulas in the cells are not included
when you paste.
After you paste an item from the Clipboard, Excel
provides the Paste Options icon menu. You can use
the menu to choose whether you want to use the
source formatting or the destination formatting on
the pasted data.
Click and drag to select the cells
you want to copy.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Copy button.
Excel places a copy of the cells
you selected on the Office
Click the Launcher in the
Clipboard group.
The Clipboard Task Pane appears.
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