Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
l Excel copies the
column widths
from the source to
the destination.
Click Paste.
l Excel pastes the contents of the cell.
You can press Esc to end the copy session.
Did You Know?
You can choose the Skip Blanks
option ( changes to ) in the
Paste Special dialog box if your
source includes any blanks. If you
do, Excel will not overwrite a
destination cell with a blank if the
destination cell has data in it.
Did You Know?
You can press Ctrl+C to copy. You
can press Ctrl+V to paste. You can
press Ctrl+X to cut. Cutting moves
data from its current location to
the location where you paste it.
Did You Know?
The Office Clipboard holds
graphical objects, so you can
use it to bring digital pictures,
WordArt, and clip art from
other programs into Excel.
Chapter 3: Copy, Format, and More
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