Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
l The Merge Styles
dialog box appears.
Click the workbook
whose styles you
want to use.
Click OK.
l The copied styles are now available in the
new workbook.
Did You Know?
Each style in a workbook must have a unique
name. If you try to copy a style into a workbook
containing a style with the same name, a warning
box appears when you click OK in the Merge
Styles dialog box. If you want the imported style
to take the place of the existing style, click OK.
Otherwise, click No or Cancel.
Apply It!
Using a style copied into a workbook works the
same as if you created the style within the
workbook. To use a copied style, select the cell
or range of cells to be styled. Click Home and
then click Cell Styles in the Styles group. The
style gallery appears. Click the imported style.
Chapter 3: Copy, Format, and More
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