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while editing
If you work in a networked environment and several
people work on the same worksheet, you may need
to account for who makes what change, in which
cells, and when. To do so, you can use the Track
Changes feature.
In the Highlight Changes dialog box, use the When,
Who, and Where options. Use When to define the
time after which edits are tracked — for example,
after a specific date or since you last saved. Use
Who to identify the group whose edits you want to
track — for example, everyone in the workgroup,
everyone but you, or a named individual. Use Where
to specify the rows and columns whose data you
want to monitor.
When someone makes a change, Excel indicates the
change by placing a small purple triangle in the
upperleft corner of the changed cell. Excel records cell
changes in automatically generated cell comments.
You can view these comments by moving your mouse
pointer over the cells.
Click the Review tab.
Click Track Changes.
A menu appears.
Click Highlight Changes.
l The Highlight Changes dialog
box appears.
Click Track Changes While
Editing ( changes to ).
The optional When, Who, and
Where fields become available.
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