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In Depth Information
Click here and select
when to track changes.
Click here and select
whose changes to track.
Type the cell range, or
click and drag to select
the cells you want to
5 6 7
Click Highlight Changes
On Screen to insert a
purple flag into edited
cells (
changes to
Click OK.
A message informs you
that Excel has saved your
workbook. Click OK.
l Purple flags appear in edited cells.
l To view a cell’s comment, move your
cursor over the cell.
Note: For more about comments, see
Task #7.
Did You Know?
To view all worksheet changes after you or others
make edits, open the Highlight Changes dialog box
and click the List Changes on a New Sheet option
( changes to ). For the Who field, click Everyone.
Click to uncheck the When and Where fields. Click
OK. Excel creates a new worksheet called History that
shows each change, the type of change, the values
changed, the person who made the change, and so
on. You can sort and filter the worksheet.
Did You Know?
You can review every change made to a worksheet
and either accept or reject the change. Click the
Review tab, click Track Changes, and then click
Accept/Reject Changes. The available options let you
restrict your review to changes by certain people and
at certain times.
Chapter 3: Copy, Format, and More
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