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2. In the Proofing group, click the Spelling & Grammar button.
The Spelling pane or Grammar pane box appears, depending on how you’ve offended Word’s
grammatical sensibilities. Errors are shown one at a time as they occur in your document. You
may even be regaled with an explanation of what’s wrong and other comments that may or may
not affect you emotionally.
3. Deal with the offense.
Here’s what you can do for spelling errors:
• To keep your typo, click the Ignore button.
• To avoid Word pestering you again and again for the same spelling sin, click the Ignore All
• Click the Add button to dispatch the word to the custom dictionary.
• Choose a replacement word from the listed suggestions, and then click the Change button to
have Word fix it. Or you can click the Change All button, and each instance is repaired
throughout your document.
Here are my suggestions for dealing with grammatical boo-boos:
• To fix the error, edit the highlighted text in your document. Click the Resume button when
you’re done.
• Use the Ignore button to skip the error.
• Click the Change button to replace the text with what Word believes to be something more
4. Continue checking your document until Word says that it’s done.
On my computer, Word tells me that I’m “good to go.” Whatever.
If you find this all-at-once method of document checking easier and more gentle to your ego, you
can turn off on-the-fly spelling and grammar checking. The next section explains how to do it. If
you choose that option, don’t forget to proof your document before you finish your work.
For spelling errors, the Spelling pane appears. For grammatical transgressions, the Grammar
pane appears.
You can easily enter a trancelike state while you’re document proofing. You might
find yourself clicking the Ignore button too quickly. My advice: Use the Undo command,
Ctrl+Z. It lets you go back and change text that you may not have paid attention to.
You can click the Proofing button on the status bar to direct Word to take you to the
next mangled chunk of English in your document. Using this button is another way to hop
through and proof your document.
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