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Control Word’s Proofing Options
All document-proofing options and settings are kept in one place, buried deep in Word’s bosom.
Here’s how to get there:
1. Click the File tab.
2. Choose Options from the File tab’s menu.
3. In the Word Options window, choose Proofing from the left side.
The right side of the window contains options and settings for document proofing. The following
sections describe what you can do there.
When you’re done working in the Word Options window, click the OK button to lock in whichever
changes you’ve made.
Changing spell-check and grammar settings
After you find yourself in the Word Options window, in the Proofing corner, you can peruse and
change the way Word reacts to your mangling of the planet’s number-one language. Here are some
To turn off on-the-fly spell checking, remove the check mark by the item Check Spelling As
You Type.
To disable grammar checking, remove the check mark by the item Mark Grammar Errors As
You Type.
Click the Settings button by the Writing Style drop-down list to customize and hone the
grammatical disobedience that Word marks. (I typically disable the Contractions warning.)
Perusing AutoCorrect options
You can click the AutoCorrect Options button in the Word Options window to view the AutoCorrect
dialog box and its slew of automatic word-correcting and typo-fixing options, as shown in Figure
7-3 .
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