Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 8
Document Calisthenics:New, Open,
Save, and Close
In This Chapter
Creating a new document
Saving documents
Updating (resaving) a document
Opening a document
Inserting one document inside another
Closing a document
Retrieving a lost document
I like the word document. It’s elegant. It’s much better than saying “a file” or “that thing I created
with my word processor.” A document could include everything from a shopping list to a note
excusing little Jimmy’s absence because you thought he might have impetigo but it turned out to be jelly
stuck to his chin from the night before — it makes all that trivial text somehow seem more important.
Regardless of size or importance, it’s called a document. It’s the goal of your using Word. You’ll
create new documents, conjure up old documents to work on them again, save documents, and close
documents. This chapter covers document basics.
What is a file?
A Word document is a file. This notion is vital to grasp if you ever want your computer experience to be a
pleasant one. In fact, most of the trouble people have with computers comes from not understanding the
concept of a file.
Your computer stores all kinds of information: word processing documents, graphics, music, video, and all
sorts of things. Those items are all stored in a digital container known as a file .
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