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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve written a masterpiece or are jotting down notes for tonight’s PTA
meeting, the most important thing you can do to a document is save it.
Saving creates a permanent copy of your document, encoding your text as a file on the computer’s
storage system. That way, you can work on the document again, publish it electronically, or have a
copy ready in case the power goes poof . All these tasks require saving.
Saving a document the first time
Don’t think that you have to wait until you finish a document to save it. In fact, you should save
almost immediately — as soon as you have a few sentences or paragraphs. Save! Save! Save!
How big can a Word document be?
There’s no upper limit on how many pages you can have in a Word document. Theoretically, a document
can be thousands of pages long. Even so, I don’t recommend that you make your documents that big.
The longer a document is in Word, the more apt the computer is to screw things up. So, rather than advise
you to make a single long document, I recommend that you split your work into smaller, chapter-size
documents. Those documents can then be organized into a single master document in Word, where page
numbers and references can be used as though the smaller documents were one larger document.
See Chapter 25 for more information on managing several smaller documents into a single large
To save a document for the first time, follow these steps:
1. Click the File tab and choose the Save As command.
The Save As screen appears, similar to the one shown in Figure 8-1 . This screen is an
intermediate step before the traditional Save As dialog box. It allows you to choose a location for your
document, either locally or on the Internet.
2. Choose a location for the document.
Chose the Computer item to create and save the document on your own computer, which is what I
The SkyDrive item saves the file on your Windows SkyDrive, if you’ve set up and configured
that feature. The advantage is that your document will be available anywhere you have an Internet
access. The disadvantage is that the document is not available when you don’t have Internet
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