Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Pushpins appear when you hover the mouse over a recently opened document’s. They
allow you to permanently pin a document to the Open screen. Click a pushpin to “push it in.”
That makes the document stick around in the list. Clicking the pushpin again allows the
document to fade away after a while.
To permanently remove a document from the Recent Documents list, right-click the document’s
icon. Choose the Remove from List command.
Avoid opening a file on any removable media, such as a digital memory card or an
optical disc. Although it’s possible, it can lead to headaches later if you remove the media
before Word is done with the document. Because of that, I recommend that you use Windows to
copy the document from the removable media to the computer’s storage system. Then open it in
Opening a document icon
One way to work on a document is to find its icon in Windows and double-click to open
the document. Merely locate a Word document icon in any folder window, from the desktop, or on
the Start button’s Recent Documents list and then double-click, and Word loads that document for
Opening one document inside another
It’s possible in Word to open one document inside of another. Doing so isn’t as rare as you’d think.
For example, you may have your biography, résumé, or curriculum vitae in a file on disk and want
to add that information to the end of a letter begging for a job. If so, or in any other circumstances
that I can’t think of right now, follow these steps:
1. Position the insertion pointer where you want the other document’s text to appear.
The text is inserted at that spot.
2. Click the Ribbon’s Insert tab.
3. From the Text group, choose Object Text from File.
The Object button is depicted in the margin. It lurks in the lower-right corner of the Text
group. Ensure that you click the menu button (the down-pointing rectangle). If you see the Object
dialog box, try again.
Upon success, you see the Insert File dialog box.
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