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4. Choose the icon representing the document you want to insert.
You can also use the gadgets and gizmos in the dialog box to locate a file in another folder or on
another disk drive or even on someone else’s computer on the network. Such power!
5. Click the Insert button.
The document you selected is inserted into the current document, just as though you had typed (and
formatted) the whole thing right there with your stubby little fingers.
The resulting combined document still has the same name as the first document; the document
you inserted remains unchanged.
You can insert any number of documents into another document, one at a time. There’s no limit.
Inserting text from one document into another is often called boilerplating. For example, you
can save a commonly used piece of text in a document and then insert it into other documents as
necessary. This process is also the way that sleazy romance novels are written.
Biography. Résumé. Curriculum vitae. The more important you think you are, the more alien
the language used to describe what you’ve done.
Close a Document
When you’re done writing a document, you need to do the electronic equivalent of putting it away.
That electronic equivalent is the Close command: Choose the Close command from the File screen,
or use the handy Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut.
If you haven’t saved your document recently, Word prompts you to save before you close; click the
S button and the document is saved. (If it hasn’t yet been saved — shame on you! — you see the
Save As dialog box, as described earlier in this chapter).
When the document has been saved, closing it simply removes it from view. At that point, you can
quit Word, start up a new document, open a document on disk, or put away Word and hit another
game of Spider Solitaire.
Refer to Chapter 1 for more quitting options.
You don’t have to choose the Close command. You can click the X (Close) button in the
upperright corner of the Word window, which is almost the same thing: You’re prompted to save your
document if it needs saving. But when you click the X button, you also quit Word.
Recover a Draft
Computers crash. Users forget to save in a pinch. Or perhaps another type of disaster has befallen
your unsaved Word document. When the planets are properly aligned and the word processing gods
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