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Chapter 9
Publish Your Document
In This Chapter
Getting the printer ready to print
Previewing your document before printing
Printing a specific part of a document
Printing multiple copies of a document
Using another printer
Canceling a print job
Checking document compatibility
Making a document compatible for sharing
Sending a document as an attachment
Exporting a document in another format
A long time ago, the final step in document creation was printing. After writing, editing, formatting,
and proofing (with lots of document-saving along the way), you printed your masterpiece to show the
world. The process was called simply printing because you could do little else with the document.
Times have changed.
Today, the final step in the word processing saga is publishing. No, it doesn’t mean that you need to
get an agent or shop your book to big-time New York publishers and face a slew of rejection letters.
Publishing a Word document means printing, but it also includes other electronic ways to share your
document: Send it by e-mail, post it to a website, stick it on a blog somewhere, or engage in other
electronic adventures. It’s all publishing.
Your Document on Paper
Getting it down on paper has been the goal of writers ever since paper was invented. The word
processor, the best writing tool ever invented, is also the first writing tool to utterly avoid paper. You can
change that situation, however, by using the most traditional method to publish your document: Print
it. You use a printer, either attached directly to your computer or available on a network, to create a
hard copy of your document.
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