Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Figure 9-1: The Print screen.
3. Chose the Print item from the left side of the File screen.
You see the Print screen.
4. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to page through your document.
You can use the Zoom control (refer to Figure 9-1 ) to enlarge or reduce the image. Look at the
margins. If you’re using footnotes, headers, or footers, look at how they lay out. The idea is to
spot anything that’s dreadfully wrong before you print.
When you’re ready, you can print the document. Details are offered in the next section, but basically
you click the big Print button, as shown in Figure 9-1 . Or when things need to be repaired, click the
Back button to return to your document.
Refer to Part III of this topic for information on formatting your document in Word.
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