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Sideways printing, paper sizes, and other document-related options are set when you
format your document’s pages. These are Word functions, not ones you set when you print.
Refer to Chapter 13 .
Printing the whole document
Printing the document is easy to do:
1. Make sure that the printer is on and ready to print.
2. Save your document.
Click the little Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar for a quickie save.
3. Click the File tab.
4. Choose the Print command from the File tab’s window.
The Print screen appears, as shown in Figure 9-1 .
5. Click the big Print button.
The Print screen closes, and the document spews forth from the printer.
Printing may take some time — a long time. Fortunately, you can continue working while the
document prints .
The keyboard shortcut to display the Print screen (refer to Figure 9-1 ) is Ctrl+P. Even better, the
keyboard shortcut to print a document is Ctrl+P, Enter. Press Ctrl+P to see the Print screen, and
then press Enter to “click” the Print button.
If nothing prints, don’t use the Print command again! There’s probably nothing
awry; the computer is still thinking or sending information to the printer. If you don’t see an
error message, everything will probably print, eventually.
The computer prints one copy of your document for every Print command you incant. If the
printer is just being slow and you impatiently click the Print button ten times, you print ten
copies of your document. (See the section “Canceling a print job,” later in this chapter.)
When your document is formatted using a unique paper size, the printer may prompt you to
load that paper size. Printing on paper of different sizes is a printer-specific function, not
something that Word does. But you set the paper size in Word as part of the page formatting.
Refer to Chapter 13 .
Manual-feed printers beg for paper before they can print. The printer may say “Feed me paper!”
or the ever-popular “PC Load Letter.” Like a dutiful mother, you must comply: Stand by the
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