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printer, line up the paper, and shove it into the printer’s gaping maw until your document has
finished printing. Fortunately, there’s no need to burp the printer after manually feeding it paper.
In addition to saving your document, you may consider proofreading it before you
print. See Chapter 7 .
Printing a specific page
Follow these steps to print only one page of your document:
1. Move the insertion pointer so that it’s sitting somewhere on the page you want to print.
Check the page number on the status bar to ensure that you’re on the right page.
2. Choose the Print command from the File screen, or press Ctrl+P.
3. Click the button beneath the Settings heading and choose Print Current Page from the
The button is illustrated in Figure 9-1 .
4. Click the Print button.
The single page prints with all the formatting you applied, including footnotes and page numbers
and everything else, just as though you plucked that page from a complete printing of the entire
Delete that extra blank page at the end of a
Occasionally, you may be surprised when your document prints and has one extra page — a blank page.
And it bothers you because you cannot get rid of it! Until now:
To remove the ugly, blank page that often roots at the end of your document, press Ctrl+End. With the
insertion pointer at the end of your document, press the Backspace key repeatedly until the extra page is
gone. How can you tell? Keep an eye on the total page count on the status bar. When the page count
decreases by one, you know that the extra page is gone.
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