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Printing a single page in this manner is useful for when you goof up (or the printer goofs
up) one page in a document and you need to reprint only that page. Printing only a single
page doesn’t waste paper.
Printing a range of pages
Word enables you to print a range of pages, odd pages, even pages, or a hodgepodge combination of
random pages from within your document. To print a range or group of pages, summon the Print
screen, as described earlier in this chapter.
Your key to printing a hodgepodge of pages is to use the Pages text box (refer to Figure 9-1 ). Here
are some suggestions for what to type in that text box:
To print pages 3 through 5, for example, type .
To print pages 1 through 7, type .
To print pages 2 and 6, type 2,6 .
To print page 3, pages 5 through 9, pages 15 through 17, and page 19 (boy, that coffee went
everywhere, didn’t it?), type 3, 5-9, 15-17, 19 .
Click the big Print button when you’re ready to print. Only the pages you specify churn from the
Printing odd and even pages
To print all odd pages, click the Print All Pages button on the Print screen. Choose the command
Only Print Odd Pages from the menu. To print only even pages, choose the command Only Print
Even Pages. Click the big Print button, and only those pages you’ve chosen print.
Remove the Document Properties sheet
A printing problem that can potentially vex you is finding the Document Properties sheet printing with your
document. This extra sheet of paper prints first, listing information about the document. The Document
Properties sheet isn’t printed unless its option is set, but for some reason the option gets set on some
folks’ computers.
To prevent the Document Properties sheet from printing, click the File tab and choose the Options
command. In the Word Options dialog box, click the Display item on the left side of the window. In the Printing
Options area on the Display screen, remove the check mark by the item Print Document Properties. Click
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