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A reason to print all odd or even pages is that you want to print on both sides of the page
on a printer that doesn’t have duplex (two-sided) printing. First print the odd pages. Then
reinsert the paper into the printer, flipped over, and then print the even pages.
Printing a block
After you mark a block of text onscreen, you can beg the Print command to print only that block.
Here’s how:
1. Mark the block of text you want to print.
See Chapter 6 for all the block-marking instructions in the world.
2. Summon the Print screen.
3. From the button beneath the Settings heading, choose the item Print Selection .
The Print Selection item is available only when a block is selected in your document.
4. Click the Print button.
The block you selected prints at the same position, with the same formatting (headers and footers) as
though you had printed the entire document.
Printing more than one copy of something
Imagine how silly it would be to send your résumé to a company but add that you need your résumé
returned because you have only one copy. No, I’m not trying to convince you that buying a
photocopier is necessary. Why do that when Word can easily print multiple copies of any document?
Here’s how:
1. Press Ctrl+P on the keyboard to summon the Print screen.
2. Enter the number of copies in the Copies text box.
To print three copies, for example, click the box and type .
3. Click the big Print button to print your copies.
Under normal circumstances, Word prints each copy of the document one after the other. This
process is known as collating. However, if you’re printing seven copies of a document and you want
Word to print seven copies of page 1 and then seven copies of page 2 (and so on), choose the option
Uncollated from the Collated menu button, found under the Settings heading on the Print screen.
Choosing another printer
Your computer can have more than one printer attached. Even small offices and home offices have
computers networked and sharing printers. In any case, you can use Word’s Print screen to choose
which printer to use to print your document.
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