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collaborators, which would mess up a document you share with others. The solution is to use Word’s Check
for Issues tool, like this:
1. Ensure that your document is finished, finalized, and saved.
2. Click the File tab.
On the File screen, the Info area should be highlighted. If not, click the word Info.
3. Click the Check for Issues button.
4. Choose Inspect Document from the Check for Issues button menu.
The Document Inspector window shows up. All items are checked.
5. Click the Inspect button.
After a few moments, the Document Inspector window shows up again, listing any issues with
your document. The issues shown are explained, which allows you to cancel out of the Document
Inspector to fix individual items.
6. Click the Remove All button next to any issues you want to clear up.
Remember that this step is entirely optional. Now that you know what the issues are, you can
always click the Close button and return to your document to manually inspect them.
7. Click the Close button, or click Reinspect to give your document another once-over.
8. Click the Back button to return to your document.
You can go forward with publishing your document or continue working.
Sending a Word document by e-mail
E-mailing your Word document is a snap — as long as you’re using Microsoft Outlook as your
email program. This opening statement also implies that your organization uses an “Exchange
Server.” If that’s you, great — you can follow these steps to e-mail your document:
1. Save your document one more time.
2. Click the File tab.
3. Choose the Share command.
4. Choose the E-Mail item found under the Share heading.
5. Click the Send As Attachment button.
At this point, Outlook takes over and you compose your e-mail message. When you send the
message, your Word document is sent along as well.
If you don’t use Outlook (and I don’t blame you), you can always send a Word document just as you
send any e-mail file attachment. The key is to save the document and remember its filename and
location so that you can find it later. To attach a Word document to an e-mail message by using just
about any e-mail program, follow these general steps:
1. Compose your e-mail message as you normally do.
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