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2. Use the Attach command to find the Word document and attach it to the message.
3. Send the message.
Also see the following section.
Saving a Word document in a sharable format
Not everyone can read Word documents. In fact, users of ancient versions of Word might not be able
to read the Word documents you create in Word 2013. To ensure that the files are compatible, you
can publish your documents in a more compatible or universal file format. Obey these steps:
1. Finish your document.
Yes, that includes saving it one last time.
2. Click the File tab.
3. Choose the Export command.
4. Choose Change File Type.
Use the options in the Document File Types list to save your document by using another file type,
one that would be more compatible than Word’s own document file format. Here are my
Word 97-2003 Document: This is the most compatible Word file format, ideal for sharing your
documents with anyone who has Word.
Rich Text Format: This file format is compatible with every word processing program available.
In fact, RTF was created so that documents can be shared between different computers and
Single File Web Page: You’re basically creating a web page document in Word. Almost anyone
with a web browser, which is just about everyone who uses a computer, can read documents
saved in this format.
5. Click the Save As button.
This button is found at the bottom of the Document File Types list. The Save As dialog box
If you want, you can change the document’s filename and location by using the Save As dialog
6. Click the Save button to save your document.
The document is now saved, using the new file type. It’s ready for sharing on the Internet, as a file
attachment or however else you need to get it out there.
You can save the document in plain-text format in Step 4: Choose the option Plain Text. Even
so, rarely does anyone use the plain-text format any more. This format stores no formatting, no
fonts, no images. It’s just plain old text, but the option is there in case you’re requested to save a
document that way.
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