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To save a document as a PDF, or Adobe Acrobat, document, in Step 4 click the Create PDF/
XPS Document button. Click the Create PDF/XPS button again (which is kind of redundant).
Use the Publish As PDF or XPS Document dialog box to complete the exporting process.
After saving a document in the new file format, you will have changed the
document’s filename in Word. Check the window’s title bar to confirm. To continue editing the
original document, you need to close the current document and then reopen that original
Yes, it’s okay to save the document by using the same filename as Word originally chose. That’s
because the file type is different; two files can share the same name as long as they are of
different types.
Unlike saving your document in another file format, saving it as a PDF doesn’t change the
document’s name in Word.
You need a copy of the Adobe Reader program to view PDF files. Don’t worry: It’s free. Go to .
Also see Chapter 24 for more information on using and sharing documents with unusual file
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