Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The cake was
2. Press Ctrl+I to activate italic text.
3. Type this word:
4. Press Ctrl+I again, which turns off italic.
5. Continue typing:
The final sentence looks like this:
The cake was really salty.
For more complex formatting, type the text first, go back, mark the text as a block, and then apply
the formatting: Type the sentence The cake was really salty , and then double-click the word really
to select it. Press Ctrl+I.
See Chapter 6 for more information on marking blocks of text.
Basic Text Formatting
Word stores some of the most common text-formatting commands on the Home tab, in the Font
group, as shown in Figure 10-1 . The command buttons in this group carry out most of the basic text
formatting you use in Word. This section mulls over the possibilities.
Text can also be formatted by using the Mini toolbar, which appears whenever you select text.
Refer to Chapter 6 .
The Font group can help you quickly determine which type of formatting is applied
to your text. For example, in Figure 10-1 , the text where the insertion pointer is blinking is
formatted in the Calibri font. The number 11 tells you that the text is 11 points tall. If the B
button were highlighted, you would also know that the text was formatted in bold. (These text
formats are discussed throughout this section.)
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