Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 10-1: Text-formatting gizmos.
Changing the font
The most basic attribute of text is its typeface, or font. The font sets up the way your text looks — its
overall text style. Although deciding on a proper font may be agonizing (and, indeed, many graphic
artists are paid well to choose just the right font), the task of selecting a font in Word is quite easy. It
generally goes like this:
1. On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the down arrow to display the Font Face list.
A menu of font options appears, as shown on the left in Figure 10-1 .
The top part of the menu shows fonts associated with the document theme. The next section
contains fonts you’ve chosen recently, which is handy for reusing fonts. The rest of the list, which
can be quite long, shows all fonts in Windows that are available to Word.
2. Scroll to the font you want.
The fonts in the All Fonts part of the list are displayed in alphabetical order as well as in context
(as they appear when printed).
3. Click to select a font.
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