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In Depth Information
Text color is applied by clicking the Font Color command button. The bar below the A on
the Font Color command button indicates which color is applied to text.
To change the color, you must click the menu arrow to the right of the Font Color command button.
A color menu appears, which I don’t show in this topic because it’s not in color and the image would
bore you. Even so, as you move the mouse pointer over various colors on the menu, selected text in
your document is updated to reflect that color. When you find the color you like, click it. That color
then becomes the new text color associated with the Font Color command button.
Theme colors are associated with the document theme. Refer to Chapter 16 .
Select the More Colors item from the Font Color menu to display the special Colors dialog box.
Use the dialog box to craft your own, custom colors.
The Automatic color refers to the color that’s defined for the text style you’re using. Refer to
Chapter 15 for more information on styles.
The Font Color command affects only the text color, not the background. To color the
background, you use the Shading command, covered in Chapter 18 .
Colored text prints in color only when a color printer is available and readily
stocked with color ink.
Be careful with the colors you use! Faint colors can make text extremely difficult to read. If you
want to hide text in your document, use the Hidden text attribute, described elsewhere in this
Be careful not to confuse the Font Color command button with the Text Highlight
Color command button, to its left. Text highlighting is a text attribute, but it’s best used for
document markup. See Chapter 26 .
Change Text Case
Believe it or not, upper- and lowercase have something to do with a font. Back in the old days of
mechanical type, a font came in a case, like a briefcase. The top part of the case, the upper case, held
the capital letters. The bottom part of the case held the noncapital letters. So, in a way, changing the
case of text is a font-formatting trick.
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