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Chapter 11
Paragraph Formatting
In This Chapter
Understanding paragraph formatting
Finding paragraph-formatting commands
Aligning paragraphs left, center, right, and full
Changing line spacing
Adding room between paragraphs
Indenting a paragraph
Making a hanging indent
Double-indenting a paragraph
Using the ruler
Word lets you hang many attributes onto a paragraph, probably more than you realize. Beyond
alignment and margins, there are ways to format spacing in and around a paragraph of text. There are also
special formatting commands just for the first line of a paragraph. Then there’s the agonizing subject
of tabs, which is really a paragraph-formatting attribute, but too much of a nut for me to include in
this chapter. So I cover only the essentials of paragraph formatting.
How to Format a Paragraph
Question: What is a paragraph?
Answer: A mechanical gizmo that lets you draw pears.
Real Answer: A sentence or collection of sentences expressing a thought.
Word Formatting Answer: A chunk of text that ends when you press the Enter key. So as long as
you type a single character, word, or sentence and then press Enter, you have a paragraph in Word.
You can format a paragraph in several ways:
With the insertion pointer in a paragraph, use a formatting command to format that paragraph.
This trick works because all paragraph-formatting commands affect the paragraph in which the
insertion pointer is blinking.
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