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Use a paragraph-formatting command, and then type a new paragraph in that format.
Use the formatting command on a block of selected paragraphs to format them all at once. To
format all paragraphs in a document, press Ctrl+A to select all text in the document.
Some folks like to see the Enter key symbol (¶) in their documents, visually marking the
end of every paragraph. You can do this in Word by following these steps:
1. Click the File tab.
2. Choose the Options command from the File screen.
The Word Options dialog box appears.
3. Click Display.
4. Place a check mark by Paragraph Marks.
5. Click OK.
Now, every time you press the Enter key, the ¶ symbol appears at the end of the paragraph.
Where the Paragraph Formatting Commands
In a vain effort to confuse you, Word has placed popular paragraph-formatting commands in not one
but two locations on the Ribbon. The first place to look is in the Paragraph group, found on the
Home tab. The second place is in the Paragraph group found on the Page Layout tab. Both groups
are illustrated in Figure 11-1 .
But wait! There’s more.
The Paragraph dialog box, shown in Figure 11-2 , can be conjured up by clicking the dialog box
launcher button in either of the Paragraph groups (refer to Figure 11-1 ). In it, you find some finer
controls that the command buttons on the Ribbon just don’t offer.
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