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A right-aligned paragraph has its right margin nice and even. The left margin, however, is jagged.
When do you use this type of formatting? I have no idea, but it sure feels funky typing a
rightaligned paragraph.
To flush text along the right side of the page, press Ctrl+R or click the Align Right
command button.
This type of alignment is also known as ragged left or flush right.
You can right-justify text on a single line by using a right-align tab. Refer to Chapter 12 for
more info.
Line up on both sides!
Lining up both sides of a paragraph is full justification: Both the left and right sides of a paragraph
are neat and tidy, flush with the margins.
To give your paragraph full justification, press Ctrl+J or click the Justify command button.
Fully justified paragraph formatting is often used in newspapers and magazines, which makes
the narrow columns of text easier to read.
Word makes each side of the paragraph line up by inserting tiny slivers of extra space between
words in a paragraph.
Make Room Before, After, or Inside
Word lets you add “air” to the space before or after or in the middle of your paragraphs. In the
middle of the paragraph, you have line spacing. Before and after the paragraph comes paragraph
spacing. Figure 11-3 shows you where the spacing can be found. The following sections describe
how to control that spacing.
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