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Do not try to mix left and right indenting with a first-line indent or hanging indent
while drowsy or while operating heavy equipment.
Who Died and Made This Thing Ruler?
Paragraph formatting can be confusing. Two places on the Ribbon are for paragraph formatting, or if
you opt instead to use the Paragraph dialog box, your mind may go into shock from the abundance
of options. A more graphical, and therefore more fun, way to manipulate a paragraph’s indentation
and margins is to use the ruler.
The ruler is naturally hidden in Word. To show the ruler, click the View tab and place a check mark
by the Ruler item, found in the Show group.
In Print Layout view, the ruler appears on the top of the writing part of the Word window, as shown
in Figure 11-4 . A vertical ruler also shows up and runs down the left side of the window, though that
ruler is only for show.
Figure 11-4: The ruler.
The dark gray part of the ruler (the outer ends) is beyond the page margins. The lighter gray part is
inside the page margins, and the ruler measures that space from the left, starting with zero inches.
On the ruler, and illustrated in Figure 11-4 , you find four gizmos that control paragraph indenting:
one downward-pointing triangle, two upward-pointing triangles, and one block. These gizmos
reflect the current paragraph formatting, and they can be manipulated with the mouse to change the
paragraph formatting. The next few paragraphs describe the settings they control.
To adjust a paragraph’s right margin, grab the Right Indent guy on the ruler and drag him
to the right or left.
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