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The first line indent is set independently of the rest of the lines in a paragraph by dragging
the First Line Indent doojobbie to the left or right.
To adjust a paragraph’s left margin for all lines but the first line — called a hanging indent
— grab the Hanging Indent thing on the ruler and slide it to the left or right. Moving this gizmo does
not affect the First Line indent.
The Left Indent thing controls both the Hanging Indent and First Line Indent at the same
time. It allows you to adjust both the paragraph’s left margin as well as the first line indent with one
mouse action rather than two.
The ruler measures from the page’s left margin, not from the left edge of the page.
The page’s left margin is set when you format a page of text. See Chapter 13 .
The Tab gizmo is used to set the various tab stops used in Word. This confusing and frustrating
subject is covered in Chapter 12 .
The ruler works fine for visually setting indents, but when you need to be precise,
use the Paragraph dialog box.
Paragraph-formatting survival guide
This table contains all the paragraph-formatting commands you can summon by holding down the Ctrl key
and pressing a letter or number. By no means should you memorize this list.
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