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see the tab character appear as a teensy, right-pointing arrow, as shown in the margin. Click the
Show/Hide button again to conceal the tab characters.
The Show/Hide command is found in the Paragraph group on the Ribbon’s Home tab.
You can also use the Show/Hide command to find two spaces together in your
document. They appear as two teensy dots, one after the other.
To show only the tab character in your document, and not all the other junk displayed by the
Show/Hide command, choose Options from the File screen to display the Word Options dialog
box. Click Display from the left side of the dialog box. Then put a check mark by the Tab
Characters option. Click OK.
When several paragraphs are selected, you may spot a light gray, or phantom, tab stop on the
ruler. The phantom indicates a tab stop that’s set in one paragraph but not in all. To apply the tab
stop to all selected paragraphs, click the phantom tab stop once.
See the later section, “Tab Stop, Be Gone!” for information on using the ruler to remove, or
unset, a tab stop.
Setting tab stops on the ruler
You manipulate tab stops on the ruler by using the mouse: Choose one of five tab-stop types from
the Tab gizmo on the left end of the ruler (refer to Figure 12-1 ) . Then click the mouse on the ruler to
set the tab stop at a specific position.
For example, to set a left tab stop at the 2-inch position, you follow these steps:
1. Ensure that the Tab gizmo on the left end of the ruler displays the left tab stop.
Clicking the Tab gizmo (refer to Figure 12-1 ) displays a different tab type. The symbol
for the left tab stop is shown in the margin. Click the gizmo until you see that symbol.
2. Click the ruler at the exact spot where you want the tab stop set.
For example, click on the number 2 for the 2-inch spot.
Later sections in this chapter discuss each of the five different types of tab stops, when and how to
set them, as well as how to set tabs by using the Tabs dialog box.
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