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Tab stops are paragraph-level formatting. Tab settings affect only the paragraph that the
toothpick cursor is blinking in, or for all paragraphs selected as a block. Refer to Chapter 6
for blocky stuff.
The Standard Left Tab Stop
The left tab stop is the traditional type of tab stop. When you press the Tab key, the insertion pointer
advances to the left tab stop, where you can continue to type text. This works best for typing lists,
organizing information in single-line paragraphs, or indenting the first line of a multiline paragraph.
This section provides some examples.
Creating a basic tabbed list
A common use for the left tab stop is to create a simple two-column list, as shown in Figure 12-2 .
Figure 12-2: Two-column list.
The following steps describe how to set up this type of list:
1. On a new line, press Tab.
2. Type the item for the first column.
This item should be short — two or three words, max.
3. Press Tab.
4. Type the item for the second column.
Again, make it short.
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