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5. Press Enter to end that line and start a new line.
Yes, your list looks horrible! Don’t worry. Just get the data typed first, and then format it.
6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 for each item in the list.
After the list is finished, you set the tab stops visually by using the ruler.
7. Summon the ruler, if necessary.
Directions are offered earlier in this chapter.
8. Select all lines of text that you want to organize into a two-column tabbed list.
Refer to Chapter 6 for more information on marking blocks of text.
9. Choose a left tab stop from the Tab gizmo on the ruler.
If necessary, click the Tab gizmo until the Left tab-stop icon shows up.
10. Click the mouse on the ruler at the number 1, the 1-inch position.
This step sets a left tab stop at 1 inch. You see how the selected text falls into place immediately.
11. Click the mouse to set a second tab stop at the 3-inch mark.
The list looks nice and even, in two columns (refer to Figure 12-2 ) .
12. Adjust the tab stops, if necessary.
Slide the tab stops left or right on the ruler as needed to help clean up your list. As you slide the
tab stops, notice how a dashed vertical line extends through your text. That line shows you where
text lines up.
These steps can also be used to create a three- or even four-column list. The idea is to keep the text
on one line and separated by single tabs. Then use the tab stops on the ruler to line up the columns
and make them look pretty.
You need only one tab between items in a column list. That’s because it’s the tab
stop, not the tab character, that lines up your text.
For a tabbed list to work, each paragraph must be a line by itself, and the items in each column
should be only a word or two long. Any longer, and you need to use Word’s Table command, as
covered in Chapter 19 .
Creating a two-tab paragraph thing
Tabs can also be used to form an item list where the paragraph text remains in the rightmost column.
Figure 12-3 shows how the 2-tab paragraph thing works. It combines both paragraph- and
tabformatting skills.
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