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Figure 12-3: A tab-tab-paragraph format for text.
Follow these steps to create a similar list:
1. On a new line, type the item for the first column.
The shorter, the better.
2. Press Tab.
3. Type the second column’s text and press Tab.
This step is optional; you can create a simpler tab-paragraph list, which looks just like the one
shown in Figure 12-3 , but without the Planet column (and spaced accordingly).
4. Type the paragraph text.
Unlike with the first two items, you’re free to type more text here. That’s because this final
paragraph column will wrap (refer to Figure 12-3 ) .
5. Press Enter to end the line and start a new line.
Don’t let the ugly look of your text deceive you at this point. The text beautifies itself when you
add the tab stops.
6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 for all items in the tab-paragraph list.
When you’re done, you can set the tab stops. You need the ruler for Step 7.
7. Bid the ruler appear, if need be.
Directions for beckoning forth the ruler are found earlier in this chapter.
8. Select all the lines of text you want to organize into a tab-tab-paragraph list.
Chapter 6 discusses block-selection techniques.
9. Slide the Hanging Indent triangle to the 2-inch position on the ruler.
As an alternative, you can click the Tab gizmo until the Hanging Indent icon appears. Then click
the ruler at the 2-inch position.
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