Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 12-5: Right tab stops are used to center-align this list.
1. Start out on a blank line, the line you want to format.
2. Choose the right tab stop from the Tab gizmo.
Keep clicking the Tab gizmo with the mouse until the right tab stop appears.
3. Click the mouse at the 3-inch position on the ruler.
4. Choose the left tab stop from the Tab gizmo.
Click, click, click until you see the left tab stop.
5. Click the mouse at the 3 1 8 -inch position on the ruler.
Use Figure 12-5 as your guide. Don’t fret — you can change the tab stop positions when you’re
just about done.
6. Press the Tab key.
The insertion pointer hops over to the 3-inch stop, the right tab stop.
7. Type your text.
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