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The text is left-justified, like normal.
5. Press the Tab key.
The insertion pointer hops to the right tab stop.
6. Type the right column text.
The text you type is right-justified, pushing to the left as you type.
7. Press Enter to end the line of text.
8. Repeat Steps 4 through 7 for every line in the list.
Afterward, you can mark the text as a block and then use the mouse to drag the right tab stop back
and forth to whatever looks more visually appealing.
You can drag the left indent (shown in the margin) toward the center of the page to
offset the list from the left margin.
Also refer to the section “Setting leader tab stops,” later in this chapter, for information about
adding a dotted leader, dashed leader, or underline to the right tab stop.
The Decimal Tab
The decimal tab is used to line up columns of numbers. Although you can use a right tab to do this
job, the decimal tab is a better choice. Rather than right-align text, as the right tab does (see the
preceding section), the decimal tab aligns numbers by their decimal portion — the period in the
number, as shown in Figure 12-7 .
Figure 12-7: Lining up numbers with the decimal tab.
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