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Here’s how to work with such a beast:
1. Start a blank line of text.
2. Choose the Decimal tab stop from the Tab gizmo on the ruler.
The Decimal tab stop icon is shown in the margin.
3. Set the tab stop on the ruler by clicking the mouse at the 3-inch position.
4. Type the left column text.
5. Press the Tab key.
6. Type the numerical amount.
The number is right-justified until you press the period key. After that, the rest of the number is
left-justified. The effect is lined up so that the value is at the decimal tab stop by the period in the
7. End that line of text by pressing Enter.
8. Repeat Steps 4 through 7 for each line in the list.
Text typed without a period is right-justified at the decimal tab stop (refer to Figure 12-7 ) until you
press the period key.
You can adjust your text by selecting all lines as a block and then using the mouse to
drag the decimal tab stop on the ruler.
The Bar Tab
Aside from being a most excellent pun, the bar tab isn’t a true tab stop in Word. Instead, consider it a
text decoration. Setting a bar tab merely inserts a vertical line into a line of text, as shown in Figure
12-8 . Using this feature is much better than using the pipe (|) character on the keyboard to create a
vertical line in your document.
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