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Figure 12-8: The mysterious bar tab.
You set a bar tab stop the same way you set any other type of tab stop. But, rather than
insert a tab stop, you insert a black, vertical line in the text. The line always appears, even when no
text or tab is used on a line.
In Figure 12-8 , four tab stops are set, though the tab character works only the left tab stops. The two
bar tabs, at positions 1-inch and 2 1/2-inches, merely place a vertical line in the text, as shown in the
figure. This is normally how bar tabs are used, although for all practical purposes, it’s easier in Word
to surrender here and use the Table function instead; see Chapter 19 .
The Tabs Dialog Box
If setting tabs on the ruler is the right-brain approach, using the Tabs dialog box is the left-brain
method. The Tabs dialog box, which should be called the Tab Stop dialog box, is shown in Figure
12-9 . It gives you more precision over using the ruler by itself. The frustrating part is summoning
that dialog box.
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