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Rather than type a zillion underlines, just press the Tab key. Instantly, a line extends from the colon
to the right margin.
Tab Stop, Be Gone!
Removing a tab stop is as easy as dragging a tab stop icon from the ruler: Point and click at the tab
stop, and drag the mouse downward. The tab stop is gone.
The Tabs dialog box can also be used to remove tab stops. It’s especially good for those times when
you may have several tab stops close together and plucking one out with the mouse would be
exasperating. In the Tabs dialog box, choose the tab stop position in the Tab Stop Position list, and then
click the Clear button. Poof! It’s gone!
Clicking the Clear All button in the Tabs dialog box removes all tab stops from the paragraph’s
formatting in one drastic sweep.
To delete a Tab character, of course, simply back up over it with the Backspace key.
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