Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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2. Click the Orientation button to see its menu.
The Orientation button is illustrated in the margin. It has two items on its menu: Portrait
and Landscape.
3. Choose Landscape.
Word shifts the orientation for every page in your document. This doesn’t mean that the text is
sideways, but rather that the text prints wide on a page (though I suppose you could look at it as printing
To change the pages back, choose Portrait in Step 3.
Changing the page orientation may require you to adjust the document’s margins; see the next
Page-orientation changes affect the entire document unless you split your document into
sections. In this case, the change applies to only the current section. Read Chapter 14 for details on
sections, including directions on how to stick a landscape page into a document that’s otherwise
portrait oriented.
Make the decision to have your document in landscape orientation before you do
any extensive formatting. This orientation affects your paragraphs and other “lower-level”
formatting, so you should have it done first, before you start composing text.
Scientists who study such things have determined that human reading speed slows drastically
when people must scan a long line of text, which happens when you use Landscape orientation.
Reserve landscape orientation for printing lists, graphics, and tables for which normal paper is
too narrow.
Landscape printing is ideal for using multiple columns of text. See Chapter 20 .
If you just want sideways text without turning the page, use a text box. See Chapter 23 for
information on text boxes.
Configuring the page margins
Every page has margins. They provide the air around your document — that inch or so of breathing
space that sets off the text from the rest of the page. As with other things in Word, these margins can
be adjusted, fooled, cajoled, or otherwise obsessed over.
Word automatically sets page margins at 1 inch from every edge of the page. Most English teachers
and book editors want margins of this size because these people love to scribble in margins. (They
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