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holes are punched on the top of the page, in which case you set the Gutter Position to Top
Changes made to a page’s format — size, orientation, and margins — normally affect an entire
document. By using the Apply To drop-down list in the Page Setup dialog box, however, you
can determine which portion of a document will be affected by the margin change. You have
three options:
Whole Document changes the margins for your whole document, from bonnet to boot.
This Point Forward makes the new margins take place from the insertion pointer’s position
• Selected Text applies the change only to the highlighted block of text. (This option appears
in place of This Point Forward when text is elected.)
This Section applies the margins to only the current section. See Chapter 14 for more
information on sections.
Dangerous treading in the Multiple Pages area of
the Page Setup dialog box
Nestled on the Margins tab of the Page Setup dialog box is the Pages area (refer to Figure 13-1 ) . The
Multiple Pages drop-down list tells Word how to use the paper on which your document is printed.
Surprisingly, you have more than one way to print a document on a page. The following definitions help, as does
the page preview image at the bottom of the Page Setup dialog box:
Normal means one page per sheet of paper. You can’t get more normal than that.
Mirror Margins is used when the printer is smart enough to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. That
way, every other page is flip-flopped so that their margins always line up. For example, the gutter may be
on the left side of one page, but on the right for the page’s back side.
2 Pages per Sheet splits the paper right down the center and forces Word to print two “pages” per sheet
of paper. Note that this option works best when the pages are in landscape orientation.
Book Fold is Word’s attempt to create a multiple-page booklet by printing the proper pages on both sides
of a sheet of paper. The Sheets Per Booklet option that appears tells Word how long your booklet is.
Despite these options, Word is a poor bookbinding program. If you’re into document publishing, consider
getting a desktop publishing program, such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, which are far better
equipped to deal with this topic.
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