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You can delete a hard page break by pressing either the Backspace or Delete key. If you do this
accidentally, just press Ctrl+Z to undelete.
You can see the hard page-break character if you use the Show/Hide command,
found in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. (It’s the ¶ button.) The hard page break appears
as a dotted line with the text Page Break in the middle.
Inserting a whole, blank page
To shove a fresh, blank sheet of paper into the middle of a document, use the Blank Page command
button, found in the Insert tab’s Pages group. This command inserts two hard page breaks into a
document, which creates a blank sheet of paper.
I don’t recommend using this command unless you truly need a blank page in the midst
of a document and you don’t plan to write on that page. Putting graphics on the page is fine.
Adding a table or any other single-page element to the blank page is also fine. But because
the blank page is inserted by using two hard page breaks, writing on it leads to formatting
woes down the line.
Page Froufrou
Page formatting happens above your text, below your text, to the sides of your text, and even behind
your text. This section demonstrates the things you can format on a page that appear behind your
Coloring pages
When you can’t think ahead to buy color paper for your printer, you can use Word’s Page Color
command button, found in the Design tab’s Page Background group. Clicking this button displays a
menu full of colors, some based on the document theme and some based on standard colors, or you
can choose your own color by choosing the More Colors menu command. Use the Fill Effects menu
command to choose gradients, or multiple colors.
As you move the mouse over the various colors on the Page Color menu, the document’s page color
is updated to reflect that new color (but only in Page Layout view). The text color may change as
well, such as from black to white, to remain visible.
Your printer produces the color you choose, but you must direct the printer to print the page color by
following these steps:
1. Click the File tab.
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